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Jersey home-made burger 

Pure beef burger served with cheese and caramelised onions, on a soft jersey baked roll


Gourmet Jersey burger

Pure beef burger served with cheese, caramelised onions, home-cured bacon and tomato


Aberdeen Angus Steak Sandwich

Steak served in a toasted Portuguese roll with caramelised onions


Italian herb chicken roll

Chicken cooked in Italian herbs and served in a Portuguese roll or toasted bagel with rocket, mayonnaise and onions


Home-cured bacon roll

Bacon served in a Jersey soft white roll


Toasted bagels

Toasted bagel served with Italian chicken, or Ham, Cheese, Tuna and salad


Jersey cream tea

Jersey cream tea including scone, strawberry jam, Jersey cream and butter with breakfast tea


Home-made cakes​

Cakes of the day including, double chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon drizzle cake, muffins and much more


Plus great coffee, including Cappucino, Mocha, Latte, Espresso, Hot chocolate and Tea

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